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5 End of Summer Looks

Here in Texas it sure can feel like summer lasts forever, or at least well into October. As Saturday morning athletic events with the families are about to pick back up again, it can be challenging deciding what to wear or what is out of season. Knowing what is “in” can be challenging, especially in warmer places when all stores are filled with oversized sweaters. We want to help give you five endless summer looks that will help take you into the fall!

Cotton Dress

When thinking about transitional pieces, you want to consider the fabric, color, and pattern. Cotton and other heavy materials give the visual impression that the clothing item is warmer and meant for a warmer season. Additionally, autumn colors such as rust orange, mustard, army green, and brown will also help an outfit appear more transitional. Also, prints such as deep florals, tartan plaid, and gradient appear as fall but come in many lightweight materials. 

As you get dressed in the transitional months, opt for clothing with a summer shade and a fall shade. For example, go for a mini mustard or rust color dress. Bright yellow and orange have been staples of the summer, and they will transfer into the fall through their fall shades. To make the colors more transitional, you can wear the outfit with white accessories to give it a more summer feel. Also if you’re going for more of a fall feel, opt for dark or denim accessories.

High Waisted Jeans

This is hands down my favorite trend! If you have not invested in a pair of high-waisted pants, this is the time! High-waisted does not have to be super high. A mid-rise is still very trendy. Additionally, if you have a smaller torso, mid-rise is more flattering as it is more proportional to your body. High-waisted pants are great transitional pieces as they can be worn in any material and most colors and still remain transitional. All materials, even linen and all colors besides pastels and white past Labor Day are acceptable. 


All white. Yes. All black. Yes. All Blue. Yes. If you can think of a color-on-color combination, it’s on-trend. In the hustle and bustle that we live in, learning how to style monochrome outfits can save you hours in front of the mirror. When going for an all-white outfit, use two shades of white. I love cream and white. Then with your accessories you can bring in some color or go for a simple look with tan or leather accessories. For black on black, give your body some shape by having one piece more fitted and the other looser. For a blue-on-blue outfit, wear jeans with a light button-down. Then don’t button the bottom two buttons and tuck in one side. This creates a casual chic look.  

Long Jean Shorts

The hack to flawlessly wearing long jean shorts, is to have them Haigh-waist and loose. The high-waisted jean trend carries over into the jean shorts. You don’t want them to be baggie, but you also don’t want them tight. Longer jeans shorts offer a great in-between option for traditional shorts and jeans. When styling them consider where you are going. They are casual, so to dress them up, try a blouse with a blazer and small heels. If you are going somewhere casual, go for a tucked-in graphic tee and trendy sneakers. To keep things proportional, grab a smaller purse instead of a tote! 

Fanny Pack Fashion

Did I just scare you? Don’t be afraid to show your trendy side! Loosen the strap on the fanny pack and bring it crossbody. This is the most significant trend that can help carry your outfits into fall! When first purchasing a fanny pack, go for a simple one. Athletic stores such as lululemon, Athleta, and Gap have great options. When easing your way into a monochrome, start with an athletic outfit. An all-black outfit with a fanny pack offers a sporty and chic look. Overall, fanny packs are great options for when you just need a few things and don’t need the hassle of carrying a large purse! 



5 Tips and Tricks for Put Together Back to School Looks

You guessed it; it’s back to school time! This time of the year can be exciting with all the pool parties and meet the teacher events, yet stressful with all the outfits needed to accompany the events. Since we did not have a proper back-to-school last year, we want to help you jump back into the rhythm of the hectic season so that you can look your best and feel confident! 

  1. Develop a uniform

Don’t worry, a uniform does not mean a kid’s school uniform or required work attire. A personal uniform is a go-to outfit. It is a formula where you vary the color and pattern between outfits, but the style is the same. When first developing a uniform, think about your staple look. Is it a graphic tee, blazer, and straight-cut jeans, or is it a button-down tucked into shorts? Once you determine your staple outfit, think about if you want this to be your uniform or if you need to change something. Maybe you are wearing low-rise jeans and need to opt for a high rise to elongate your legs and create a visually appealing look. 

When creating a uniform, don’t forget accessories. Having simple gold hoops, a necklace, and a bracelet ready to go will relieve so much stress when you are getting ready.   Remember, a uniform is something you can wear every day to allow dressing with ease and avoiding the stress of standing in your closet. However, it is not wearing the same thing every day. It is just the basic formula that allows great variation. 

  1. Stock up on the basics

Basic pieces do not just fall into clothing that is a neutral color. I’m sure you have many neutral-colored things yet still struggle to get ready in the morning. Think of the basics as the essential and foundational tools that every closet needs. Basics items can range from black work pants, jeans, a tee, to sneakers. To begin filling the holes in your closet, take note of every time you are getting ready and wish you had that one thing to complete the outfit. If that one thing occurs often enough, it is worth the investment. Speaking from personal experience, I can say it is worth it to invest in the basic pair of jeans that fits like a glove, and you can slip on. If you need more ideas on where to begin, check out our blog post on a summer capsule wardrobe. 

  1. Invest in dresses

I get it, you are running around constantly picking up toys you don’t want to be in a dress. I have a revelation for you, dresses with hidden shorts. Yes, this is technically considered a romper, but because you cannot see the shorts, no know will know it’s not a dress! This season I have noticed that these have been everywhere! They are the best purchase because you get the sundress aesthetic without the hassle. Remember, these are considered rompers, so look under the romper section if you are online shopping for them. 

Dresses will be your lifesaver for the back-to-school season! They are so easy to throw on with a pair of sandals, a tote, gold jewelry and run out the door. Although effortless, they present as being well styled. When looking for a sundress, you can choose from mini, midi, or maxi. If you are going mini, opt for the romper option above. Midi is a great option to wear with sneakers! Maxi is a more elevated option that would be great for making first impressions on teachers or going to a brunch with the girls!

  1. Invest in a neutral tote. 

If you do not already have a neutral tote, run, don’t walk. This will be your best everyday purse that will be able to take you from day to night in the snap of a finger. When styling a neutral tote, remember outfit sandwiches. Look back at the summer accessories blog post if you need a refresher. In combination with your neutral tote, go for a neutral belt or sandal. This will give a very cohesive look!

 The neutral tote styled using an outfit sandwich can be applied across all outfits. If you are going to a workout class, pick out a pair of leggings or tennis shoes with the purses shade of neutral in them. Bringing outfits together, no matter what outfit, will allow you to be confident when you randomly bump into people! 

  1. Shop the back-to-school sales. 

Back-to-school sales are not just for the kids. They are for moms too! To stock up on your basics, check out department stores, as they will have the most extensive section to choose from. The most notable sales come from Nordstrom’s, Macy’s, Old Navy, and Target. Keep in mind that the price drops you see are not because goods are defective or fit weirdly. Sales right now are specifically to get rid of inventory to make room for the fall pieces. This is fantastic if you live in a warmer place as you will still have two to three more months of wear for t-shirt, shorts, or swimsuits! Additionally, many of these sales include great layering, and transitional pieces are essentials for the fall!

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