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Are You Game Day Ready?

It’s the season of Saturdays! Kids sports games in the morning and college football games in the evening! You might be going to your neighbor’s house to watch a game, a tailgate at your alma mater, or straight to the stadium. Anywhere you go, you want to be comfortable, cool, and ready to cheer on your team! Along with some stylish outfits ( links at the bottom of this post) I have some great tips and tricks to help get you through your day!


We all have heard it, know it, and told others about it, but wear comfortable shoes! I always tell people that although shoes can make an outfit, it is rare that people are looking at them. Today the market is saturated with cute and comfortable sandals and sneakers that will keep you on your feet all day! If you want to wear heels, opt for a flat platform! This gives you the height that you want without the pressure put on the balls of your feet. Instead of boots, go for a sneaker! Lifestyle sneakers can also range in comfort, so make sure to break them in before you slip them on. There is nothing worse than missing out on a good time because your feet hurt. 

Additionally, protect your feet! Game days consist of walking from uber drop-off locations to the stadium, bathroom, and food lines. Make sure you are wearing thick, sweat-absorbing socks. Game days are long, and you do not want to wake up with a massive blister the following day. I recommend Marino Wool hiking socks for boots or extra customed crew socks. Don’t forget to stick a band-aid or two in your purse! 


If you are going to the stadium, do not forget to check their bag policy! It has been a while since we have been in person, and rules have changed. Many stadiums require clear bags, or if it is not clear, it needs to be smaller than the size of your hand. 

Recently, there has been an adorable, beaded purse strap trend. They are customizable to the team you support! You can choose the mascot logo, chant, or print. Search college beaded purse straps into google, and they will pop up! If you are seeking a more neutral purse, try a small clutch. They are perfect for fitting a small sunscreen, ticket, Band-Aids, and your phone. When going to a game, remember that you do not need a tote bag as it will get in your way!   

Clothing material, choose wisely

Your shirt or pants do not make the outfit if you have sweat stains. We have all been there and experienced having to keep your arms down or looking back at pictures and gasping. Remember that before you get dressed, and you will thank yourself later! Choose a loose-fitting breathable top. Cotton, linen, and nylon are all excellent materials to look for both tops and pants. Eyelet tops help keep you cool, and patterns can help disguise sweat. For pants, go for a looser fit, whether it be jeans, shorts, or skirts. 

Although it is trendy, do not wear leather. During the day, the leather will attract heat, and the material will get unbearably hot. Save them for an afterparty or a game later in the season! Other materials to avoid are silk, satin, and polyester. Silk and satin show sweat quickly, and polyester is not breathable, making you sweat more.  

Makeup and Sunscreen

It’s hot, your sweating; is makeup even worth it? I would say a full face of makeup is not worth it. It will be dripping down your face in a matter of minutes. However, there are many lightweight options in the market today that will serve your needs! First, start with your sunscreen! It can be regular sunscreen or one that is in a moisturizer. Then, put primer on. Primer will help the makeup stay on your face throughout the day and all you go through. Next, opt for a tinted moisturizer. Supergood, Glamglow, and Cerave make great options that are lightweight and blend right into your skin. The great thing about a lightweight tined moisturizer is you can reapply like sunscreen. If you don’t want to wear a tinted moisturizer, pull out cream-based bronzers and blushes as they will have a higher likelihood of staying on. Jones Road is a great option! Finally, grab a lip stain and Chapstick with sunscreen in it, and you will be ready to go!  

Long sleeve orange dress Neutral dress Black dress Purple top

White jean skirt Gold Belt Gold Wedges Orange short sleeve top

Red top White shorts Red stud clear purse Black booties

Neutral Tennis Shoes Neutral purse Blue dress Blue purse

Happy Shopping and Hook Em' Horns!

Labor Day Weekend Checklist

Can you believe it? Summer is almost to be officially over! The white jeans move to the bottom of the drawers, and the fall colors have hit the stores. But don’t get sad yet! We are here to help make sure you have all the essentials for looking confident and stylish this long Labor Day weekend! 

Having some Backyard Fun?

Are you going to a green yard with BBQ and corn hole? If so, grab a loose fitting dress. There are both mini and maxi options; however, if you choose a maxi, look for slits in the side so you don’t get too hot. Although this is the end of summer, light colors are still appropriate. Bring in neutral tones through a woven purse and sandals! 

Are you dressing things up? Pick a ruffle dress.

Cocktails at the Club?

A ruffle dress is not head-to-toe ruffles but a way to add novelty and character to an outfit. As we are about to transition into fall, look for a fun print with deeper tones. To brighten things up, pull out one of the brighter colors and use it in your accessories to make an outfit sandwich! 

Headed to the Beach?

Start your beach day with ease by picking out a one-piece with a long sarong! Sarongs are versatile and can be styled as a skirt or a dress. One quick google search will present you with countless YouTube videos demonstrating how to tie them!  Grab a loose oversized tote that can let the sand out, stainless steel jewelry, a pair of sunglasses, and enjoy your weekend!

Having a Lake Day?

For a lake day, a casual outfit can get you to and from the boat. For bottoms that will double as a cover-up, grab a flowy skirt! If you are looking for one in stores, try Aerie and if you want to order one with free, fast shipping, try Shopbob. Pair your bottoms with a button-down top that is easy to get on and off! Add a pair of slide-on shoes that can get wet, a hat, sunglasses, and you are ready for the day! 

Sipping drinks Poolside?

I mean, is there anything better than a pool day?  For a breathable look that will protect you from the sun, grab a pair of linen wide-leg pants and a button-down. Put a one-piece or bikini under the button down, and French tuck it! Apply Supergoop sunscreen for flawless skin, and don’t forget your hat!  

Details, Details, Details

A bag, especially for a big weekend like this, can make or break a look. For any by-the-water outfit, grab an oversized tote built for water and sand. Great options are the neoprene bags that have been trendy this year, Consuela, or a knit bag!

If you are at a land event, stick to a smaller bag as opposed to a tote. A fun crossbody or shoulder purse can pull an outfit together! If you are looking for an affordable, trendy piece, Target and Zara are great in-store options and Looks Like Summer and Charles and Keith are fantastic online options. 

Are you trying to get the last ounce of sun rays on your hair to lighten it? Well, you are still going to wear a hat but grab a visor! Amazon and Free People sell adorable straw visors, while Nike and Lululemon sell great active visors. To give them an elevated look, put on a pair of hoop earrings! 

Wide brim hats have been everywhere this year! When sitting by the water, bring out your straw hat! They can be relaxed and floppy for easy traveling or more structured! When you are back in dry clothes, whip out the neutral suede gota hat. A fun trick to adding color is to switch out the band! 

Hope y’all have a great Labor Day Wkd!