Find Out What Body Shape You Are

Finding out what body shape you are is a very valuable. This knowledge, will help you get dressed easy, avoid buying things you ultimately don’t like, and will help you always look your best. Often we get the outfit to 70%, these tips and tricks, like adding a belt, or picking a jacket that’s cropped, will insure you hit 100%.

When you’re determining what body shape you are, it’s helpful to take actual measurements and write down these numbers. This objective data will be helpful if you are having trouble deciding between two shapes.

Style is very personal. Here are some tips and tricks we use when styling our clients.

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Tips for Finding Your Best Neckline

Once you find the neckline that works best for you, you will save yourself so much time. The countless tables of t-shirts at Target will no longer suck you in. You’ll be able to walk by, grab the shirt in the neckline that’s best, and move a long. Here are some things to consider when deciding what neckline is best for you.

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My Beach Vacation Packing List

I want to start off by saying everything in this post , every single thing pictured below is something I OWN. If you click on the link to purchase the item, I will not get a kick back. I’ve done blogging, and linking, and commission from like to know it, and that wasn’t my jam. My jam is helping people put together the perfect outfit. 90% of the time with the things they already own. But I also can’t help myself when I find something that I love, especially if it’s on sale!

When I turned 35 in July I told my husband all I wanted to do was go to Costa Rica with my friends. That trip has been postponed several times now. But this time, a few of us ladies are going come Hell or High Water. So as I was packing and digging out my favorite beach stuff I wondered if any of it was still available. I started pulling my items from the web almost all are. If not there is a newer version that I’ve linked.

Here is what I packed for a long weekend girls' trip to Costa Rica, with links!

As always if you have any questions please reach out! Here’s to many more international’s beach vacations in 2022!


Outfits For all Occasions on Your Calendar this Fall & Winter

Shopping or Women’s Lunch

This camel knit turtle neck is perfect for fall-winter transitional looks! I love how you can dress it up by adding a navy or black blazer or go more casual with no jacket at all. Mix in gold jewelry with your brown and neutral tones to add some extra warmth.

Day time Charity Event

Green is so in this fall. I can’t get enough of it. And just on the horizon of a comeback is paisley, yes I said it! It will make it’s return debut this winter and be even more popular next year. Throw in a splash of green with a cute accessory like this hat.

Men’s Parade Watching, Day Shopping, Football Watching

A navy suede jacket always looks so handsome on a guy and gives off major George Clooney vibes. In Aspen lately, I’ve seen so many dashing men rocking the Alexander McQueen kicks. but these crocodile leather ones really knock it out of the park.

11am or 11pm Cocktails

This outfit is perfect for day to night. If you want to wear a turtle neck but look a little sexy at the same time? Try a turtle neck with a little cut-out on the shoulder. White booties and boots are also a huge hit this season.

Parade Watching, Black Friday Shopping

There is something so chic about a black and white athletic look in the winter. Not only is it sleek and classy vibe but black leggings and a compression hoodie can help you look slimmer.

Holiday Party

Fall-winter formal is, in my opinion, the BEST type of formal. ANYTHING goes. Feathers, Sequins, Leather, Velvet and Shimmer. I love this pink metallic leather dress paired with some Champagne earrings and a fun clutch.

We hope your calendars are jammed packed with fun events this season!


Julia and Lana

Fall Transitional Looks

Fall is in the air! The temperature is slowly beginning to drop, and people are breaking out everything pumpkin! Closets are transitioning out of the bright and pastel colors into deeper warm colors with heavy fabrics. With that being said, it can feel awkward putting on a sweater and jeans, especially in Texas when the weather is 90 degrees. So, as you begin to get into the fall spirit, we want to help you avoid confusion when getting dressed! Below are our tips on wearing transition pieces from things you most likely already have in your closet! 

Leather Jacket Look

Leather jackets are one of the most classic pieces to exist. If they are well taken care of, they can last a lifetime! My mom still wears hers from college, and it looks better than anything on the market today. The market is saturated with many different materials, fits, embellishing, and colors of leather jackets. If you are hunting for one, make sure you know the characteristics you want in the jacket before searching. Doing research prior will help you not get overwhelmed and purchase a jacket you genuinely love. 

The beauty of a leather jacket is that it is one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe (arguably more than a jean jacket). To spice up a casual outfit, pair the jacket with a graphic tee and black leggings. Athletic leggings give a more street-style look, and leather leggings from brands such as Spanx offer a chicer look. At night, you can go for the classic yet elegant all-black fit, or dress it down with a pair of blue jeans! To tie everything together, I would recommend matching the metal of your jewelry to your jacket! 

Shacket Look

The shacket trend is still alive and well! If you were previously hesitant to invest, this is your sign to shop for one right now! There are many different materials in shackets, so they are the perfect transitional pieces to offer a warm fall appearance without the warmth. This trait is ideal for when you are picking pumpkins are stuffing a scarecrow. Additionally, they are a secret weapon to make any basic outfit look complete when you are rushing out the door! 

Jean Jacket Look

I am here to announce that your jean jacket is still in style! Similar to other jackets that we will see this fall, jean jackets can be dressed up with another pair of pants or dressed down with leggings. For a transitional piece, jean jackets provide a fall element when put over a dress. They help you squeeze those last few wears into those dresses that you are just not ready to put away yet! My tip for jean jackets is that they can immediately give you a figure when you are wearing a figureless article of clothing. They help break up the outfit and tell the eye where to look! 

Workout Look

Yes, we can wear any outfit and hit the gym, but we all know we work better and harder when we look good! In the fall, it can be so easy to throw on an all-black outfit and call it a day. Granted, they can look very sleek, but not when it becomes your uniform. To start building a workout wardrobe that has novelty, make sure that you first have leggings and tops in black and white. I recommend tops that are in the workout material but are also designed to be worn for leisure. From there, you can begin adding prints in! These prints do not need to be anything crazy like a bold gingham or floral. My favorite pattern is black-on-black camo leggings that most athletic brands offer now. A great tip for when you don’t want to look like you just came from the gym is to add a windbreaker! A windbreaker is less formal than a jean jacket but doesn’t give the casual vibe that a proper athletic jacket gives!

Blazer Look

If you don’t know this already, my absolute favorite style of jacket is the blazer. I wore them throughout the summer, and I am now taking them with me to fall! For a quick review, the style of blazer that I am talking about can be considered “oversized.” However, do not get scared; oversized means longer than the standard work attire blazer. It is still tailored and gives you shape. Blazers are great for transitional pieces because they can be worn with shorts! Yes, I am leaving it just at shorts because they truly can be worn with any style of shorts. For fall, a fun, trendy look to try is a patterned blazer with leather shorts! Just remember to balance your outfit and if your shorts fit loosely, wear a fitted top! 

Leather Pants Look

If you ever need to feel confident, trendy, and like you are about to conquer the world, reach for a pair of leather pants. My reasoning? Have you ever passed someone in leather pants and not thought, “Wow, she looks good.” Last fall and winter, black leather pants were the trend everyone had on. This year, black is still trendy, but it has expanded into brown, tan, and white! For transitioning, the lighter shades will be your go-to! Also, if you don’t like wearing dark colors, it is very stylish to wear a tan or cream pair of leather pants with an equally light blouse. It gives a winter white aesthetic! Additionally, if you want to try out leather pants before investing, all colors and fits are available at every price point! 

Maxi Skirt Look

Maxi skirts are one of the best pieces of clothing to become trendy in recent years, and I do not see them going anywhere! They are versatile and can easily be transitioned from day to night. For the day, dress it with a loose-fitting top, tuck it in, throw a purse on your shoulder and head out the door. At night, simply add a jacket! They are great transitional pieces because they are long and can easily be worn with a pair of booties. Also, if you have one that looks a little too much like summer, put on a knit top and wear warmer materials like suede, and it will instantly become on season!

Happy Fall Yall


Are You Game Day Ready?

It’s the season of Saturdays! Kids sports games in the morning and college football games in the evening! You might be going to your neighbor’s house to watch a game, a tailgate at your alma mater, or straight to the stadium. Anywhere you go, you want to be comfortable, cool, and ready to cheer on your team! Along with some stylish outfits ( links at the bottom of this post) I have some great tips and tricks to help get you through your day!


We all have heard it, know it, and told others about it, but wear comfortable shoes! I always tell people that although shoes can make an outfit, it is rare that people are looking at them. Today the market is saturated with cute and comfortable sandals and sneakers that will keep you on your feet all day! If you want to wear heels, opt for a flat platform! This gives you the height that you want without the pressure put on the balls of your feet. Instead of boots, go for a sneaker! Lifestyle sneakers can also range in comfort, so make sure to break them in before you slip them on. There is nothing worse than missing out on a good time because your feet hurt. 

Additionally, protect your feet! Game days consist of walking from uber drop-off locations to the stadium, bathroom, and food lines. Make sure you are wearing thick, sweat-absorbing socks. Game days are long, and you do not want to wake up with a massive blister the following day. I recommend Marino Wool hiking socks for boots or extra customed crew socks. Don’t forget to stick a band-aid or two in your purse! 


If you are going to the stadium, do not forget to check their bag policy! It has been a while since we have been in person, and rules have changed. Many stadiums require clear bags, or if it is not clear, it needs to be smaller than the size of your hand. 

Recently, there has been an adorable, beaded purse strap trend. They are customizable to the team you support! You can choose the mascot logo, chant, or print. Search college beaded purse straps into google, and they will pop up! If you are seeking a more neutral purse, try a small clutch. They are perfect for fitting a small sunscreen, ticket, Band-Aids, and your phone. When going to a game, remember that you do not need a tote bag as it will get in your way!   

Clothing material, choose wisely

Your shirt or pants do not make the outfit if you have sweat stains. We have all been there and experienced having to keep your arms down or looking back at pictures and gasping. Remember that before you get dressed, and you will thank yourself later! Choose a loose-fitting breathable top. Cotton, linen, and nylon are all excellent materials to look for both tops and pants. Eyelet tops help keep you cool, and patterns can help disguise sweat. For pants, go for a looser fit, whether it be jeans, shorts, or skirts. 

Although it is trendy, do not wear leather. During the day, the leather will attract heat, and the material will get unbearably hot. Save them for an afterparty or a game later in the season! Other materials to avoid are silk, satin, and polyester. Silk and satin show sweat quickly, and polyester is not breathable, making you sweat more.  

Makeup and Sunscreen

It’s hot, your sweating; is makeup even worth it? I would say a full face of makeup is not worth it. It will be dripping down your face in a matter of minutes. However, there are many lightweight options in the market today that will serve your needs! First, start with your sunscreen! It can be regular sunscreen or one that is in a moisturizer. Then, put primer on. Primer will help the makeup stay on your face throughout the day and all you go through. Next, opt for a tinted moisturizer. Supergood, Glamglow, and Cerave make great options that are lightweight and blend right into your skin. The great thing about a lightweight tined moisturizer is you can reapply like sunscreen. If you don’t want to wear a tinted moisturizer, pull out cream-based bronzers and blushes as they will have a higher likelihood of staying on. Jones Road is a great option! Finally, grab a lip stain and Chapstick with sunscreen in it, and you will be ready to go!  

Long sleeve orange dress Neutral dress Black dress Purple top

White jean skirt Gold Belt Gold Wedges Orange short sleeve top

Red top White shorts Red stud clear purse Black booties

Neutral Tennis Shoes Neutral purse Blue dress Blue purse

Happy Shopping and Hook Em' Horns!

Labor Day Weekend Checklist

Can you believe it? Summer is almost to be officially over! The white jeans move to the bottom of the drawers, and the fall colors have hit the stores. But don’t get sad yet! We are here to help make sure you have all the essentials for looking confident and stylish this long Labor Day weekend! 

Having some Backyard Fun?

Are you going to a green yard with BBQ and corn hole? If so, grab a loose fitting dress. There are both mini and maxi options; however, if you choose a maxi, look for slits in the side so you don’t get too hot. Although this is the end of summer, light colors are still appropriate. Bring in neutral tones through a woven purse and sandals! 

Are you dressing things up? Pick a ruffle dress.

Cocktails at the Club?

A ruffle dress is not head-to-toe ruffles but a way to add novelty and character to an outfit. As we are about to transition into fall, look for a fun print with deeper tones. To brighten things up, pull out one of the brighter colors and use it in your accessories to make an outfit sandwich! 

Headed to the Beach?

Start your beach day with ease by picking out a one-piece with a long sarong! Sarongs are versatile and can be styled as a skirt or a dress. One quick google search will present you with countless YouTube videos demonstrating how to tie them!  Grab a loose oversized tote that can let the sand out, stainless steel jewelry, a pair of sunglasses, and enjoy your weekend!

Having a Lake Day?

For a lake day, a casual outfit can get you to and from the boat. For bottoms that will double as a cover-up, grab a flowy skirt! If you are looking for one in stores, try Aerie and if you want to order one with free, fast shipping, try Shopbob. Pair your bottoms with a button-down top that is easy to get on and off! Add a pair of slide-on shoes that can get wet, a hat, sunglasses, and you are ready for the day! 

Sipping drinks Poolside?

I mean, is there anything better than a pool day?  For a breathable look that will protect you from the sun, grab a pair of linen wide-leg pants and a button-down. Put a one-piece or bikini under the button down, and French tuck it! Apply Supergoop sunscreen for flawless skin, and don’t forget your hat!  

Details, Details, Details

A bag, especially for a big weekend like this, can make or break a look. For any by-the-water outfit, grab an oversized tote built for water and sand. Great options are the neoprene bags that have been trendy this year, Consuela, or a knit bag!

If you are at a land event, stick to a smaller bag as opposed to a tote. A fun crossbody or shoulder purse can pull an outfit together! If you are looking for an affordable, trendy piece, Target and Zara are great in-store options and Looks Like Summer and Charles and Keith are fantastic online options. 

Are you trying to get the last ounce of sun rays on your hair to lighten it? Well, you are still going to wear a hat but grab a visor! Amazon and Free People sell adorable straw visors, while Nike and Lululemon sell great active visors. To give them an elevated look, put on a pair of hoop earrings! 

Wide brim hats have been everywhere this year! When sitting by the water, bring out your straw hat! They can be relaxed and floppy for easy traveling or more structured! When you are back in dry clothes, whip out the neutral suede gota hat. A fun trick to adding color is to switch out the band! 

Hope y’all have a great Labor Day Wkd!



5 End of Summer Looks

Here in Texas it sure can feel like summer lasts forever, or at least well into October. As Saturday morning athletic events with the families are about to pick back up again, it can be challenging deciding what to wear or what is out of season. Knowing what is “in” can be challenging, especially in warmer places when all stores are filled with oversized sweaters. We want to help give you five endless summer looks that will help take you into the fall!

Cotton Dress

When thinking about transitional pieces, you want to consider the fabric, color, and pattern. Cotton and other heavy materials give the visual impression that the clothing item is warmer and meant for a warmer season. Additionally, autumn colors such as rust orange, mustard, army green, and brown will also help an outfit appear more transitional. Also, prints such as deep florals, tartan plaid, and gradient appear as fall but come in many lightweight materials. 

As you get dressed in the transitional months, opt for clothing with a summer shade and a fall shade. For example, go for a mini mustard or rust color dress. Bright yellow and orange have been staples of the summer, and they will transfer into the fall through their fall shades. To make the colors more transitional, you can wear the outfit with white accessories to give it a more summer feel. Also if you’re going for more of a fall feel, opt for dark or denim accessories.

High Waisted Jeans

This is hands down my favorite trend! If you have not invested in a pair of high-waisted pants, this is the time! High-waisted does not have to be super high. A mid-rise is still very trendy. Additionally, if you have a smaller torso, mid-rise is more flattering as it is more proportional to your body. High-waisted pants are great transitional pieces as they can be worn in any material and most colors and still remain transitional. All materials, even linen and all colors besides pastels and white past Labor Day are acceptable. 


All white. Yes. All black. Yes. All Blue. Yes. If you can think of a color-on-color combination, it’s on-trend. In the hustle and bustle that we live in, learning how to style monochrome outfits can save you hours in front of the mirror. When going for an all-white outfit, use two shades of white. I love cream and white. Then with your accessories you can bring in some color or go for a simple look with tan or leather accessories. For black on black, give your body some shape by having one piece more fitted and the other looser. For a blue-on-blue outfit, wear jeans with a light button-down. Then don’t button the bottom two buttons and tuck in one side. This creates a casual chic look.  

Long Jean Shorts

The hack to flawlessly wearing long jean shorts, is to have them Haigh-waist and loose. The high-waisted jean trend carries over into the jean shorts. You don’t want them to be baggie, but you also don’t want them tight. Longer jeans shorts offer a great in-between option for traditional shorts and jeans. When styling them consider where you are going. They are casual, so to dress them up, try a blouse with a blazer and small heels. If you are going somewhere casual, go for a tucked-in graphic tee and trendy sneakers. To keep things proportional, grab a smaller purse instead of a tote! 

Fanny Pack Fashion

Did I just scare you? Don’t be afraid to show your trendy side! Loosen the strap on the fanny pack and bring it crossbody. This is the most significant trend that can help carry your outfits into fall! When first purchasing a fanny pack, go for a simple one. Athletic stores such as lululemon, Athleta, and Gap have great options. When easing your way into a monochrome, start with an athletic outfit. An all-black outfit with a fanny pack offers a sporty and chic look. Overall, fanny packs are great options for when you just need a few things and don’t need the hassle of carrying a large purse! 



5 Tips and Tricks for Put Together Back to School Looks

You guessed it; it’s back to school time! This time of the year can be exciting with all the pool parties and meet the teacher events, yet stressful with all the outfits needed to accompany the events. Since we did not have a proper back-to-school last year, we want to help you jump back into the rhythm of the hectic season so that you can look your best and feel confident! 

  1. Develop a uniform

Don’t worry, a uniform does not mean a kid’s school uniform or required work attire. A personal uniform is a go-to outfit. It is a formula where you vary the color and pattern between outfits, but the style is the same. When first developing a uniform, think about your staple look. Is it a graphic tee, blazer, and straight-cut jeans, or is it a button-down tucked into shorts? Once you determine your staple outfit, think about if you want this to be your uniform or if you need to change something. Maybe you are wearing low-rise jeans and need to opt for a high rise to elongate your legs and create a visually appealing look. 

When creating a uniform, don’t forget accessories. Having simple gold hoops, a necklace, and a bracelet ready to go will relieve so much stress when you are getting ready.   Remember, a uniform is something you can wear every day to allow dressing with ease and avoiding the stress of standing in your closet. However, it is not wearing the same thing every day. It is just the basic formula that allows great variation. 

  1. Stock up on the basics

Basic pieces do not just fall into clothing that is a neutral color. I’m sure you have many neutral-colored things yet still struggle to get ready in the morning. Think of the basics as the essential and foundational tools that every closet needs. Basics items can range from black work pants, jeans, a tee, to sneakers. To begin filling the holes in your closet, take note of every time you are getting ready and wish you had that one thing to complete the outfit. If that one thing occurs often enough, it is worth the investment. Speaking from personal experience, I can say it is worth it to invest in the basic pair of jeans that fits like a glove, and you can slip on. If you need more ideas on where to begin, check out our blog post on a summer capsule wardrobe. 

  1. Invest in dresses

I get it, you are running around constantly picking up toys you don’t want to be in a dress. I have a revelation for you, dresses with hidden shorts. Yes, this is technically considered a romper, but because you cannot see the shorts, no know will know it’s not a dress! This season I have noticed that these have been everywhere! They are the best purchase because you get the sundress aesthetic without the hassle. Remember, these are considered rompers, so look under the romper section if you are online shopping for them. 

Dresses will be your lifesaver for the back-to-school season! They are so easy to throw on with a pair of sandals, a tote, gold jewelry and run out the door. Although effortless, they present as being well styled. When looking for a sundress, you can choose from mini, midi, or maxi. If you are going mini, opt for the romper option above. Midi is a great option to wear with sneakers! Maxi is a more elevated option that would be great for making first impressions on teachers or going to a brunch with the girls!

  1. Invest in a neutral tote. 

If you do not already have a neutral tote, run, don’t walk. This will be your best everyday purse that will be able to take you from day to night in the snap of a finger. When styling a neutral tote, remember outfit sandwiches. Look back at the summer accessories blog post if you need a refresher. In combination with your neutral tote, go for a neutral belt or sandal. This will give a very cohesive look!

 The neutral tote styled using an outfit sandwich can be applied across all outfits. If you are going to a workout class, pick out a pair of leggings or tennis shoes with the purses shade of neutral in them. Bringing outfits together, no matter what outfit, will allow you to be confident when you randomly bump into people! 

  1. Shop the back-to-school sales. 

Back-to-school sales are not just for the kids. They are for moms too! To stock up on your basics, check out department stores, as they will have the most extensive section to choose from. The most notable sales come from Nordstrom’s, Macy’s, Old Navy, and Target. Keep in mind that the price drops you see are not because goods are defective or fit weirdly. Sales right now are specifically to get rid of inventory to make room for the fall pieces. This is fantastic if you live in a warmer place as you will still have two to three more months of wear for t-shirt, shorts, or swimsuits! Additionally, many of these sales include great layering, and transitional pieces are essentials for the fall!

Chat soon!



It’s Wedding Season

Do you hear the wedding bells? I certainly do! Over the past 18 months, things have been well, interesting. One of the things I think we can all agree on is how hard it must be on those who had to cancel, push back or alter their wedding. On the bright side, those weddings that were put on pause are now on the calendar! With that being said, every weekend has now been filled with events with specific dress codes. I am here to help untangle the confusion of what the dress code means! 

When you first start planning your outfit, there are a few things to consider and research. You first need to distinguish the location. Are you on a beach, outdoors, or at a traditional wedding? Keeping the location and the climate of the wedding you are attending in mind is essential! When considering the climate, remember the terrain you will be walking in also! Finally, you need to look at the attire specified on the invitation and do not go outside of them. The dress code is not a suggestion. Now, let’s get into what to wear! 

As the weddings we are discussing are in the summer, the weather will most likely be warmer. If you are wearing a strapless or sleeveless dress, conder taking a shawl with you to cover your shoulders and protect you from the sun. I recommend a light cotton or linen material! If you will be walking on a beach or at an outdoor area, stick to block heels and elegant sandals. Absolutely no flip-flops! To stay cool and looking stylish in the season, stay away from dark, heavy fabrics. Search for a light and bright dress, jumpsuit, or pantsuit that will not stick to you and that is appropriate for the season. A great place to look for dresses is Rent the Runway! You can get a high-end dress for a fraction of the cost!

Alrighty, now where are we are headed? For a beach wedding, the attire can be pretty confusing, so I recommend doing your research first. Once you have determined if the ceremony is on the actual beach or on a rooftop or patio, you can then begin to plan out your outfit. If the wedding takes place on a rooftop or patio, you do not need to change what you are wearing. If the attire simply says beach attire, then assume the dress is semi-formal. Go for a maxi dress that is a fun print, breathable and flowy. However, be sure to avoid a loud pattern that distracts from the bride! Beach wedding vibes are fun, comfy, and casual so choose an outfit accordingly. Some great dress styles include wrap dresses, high low dresses, long dresses that just barely drag against the sand. 

If the wedding takes place directly on the beach, it is essential you get the shoes correct!  Do not wear pumps or stilettos! Go for a block heel or a dressy sandal. Short one-to-two-inch block heels are very on-trend this year and are perfect for not sinking into the sand. To dress up a sandal, go for a design such as a bow on the front or metallic color. A great brand to consider is Gianni Bini from Dillard’s.  Additionally, when dressing for a beach wedding, pick fun accessories! Try a woven or beaded purse, and consider adding a braid to your hair! After all, you are at the beach! 

If the wedding is outdoors, you have more wiggle room on what you can wear. Similar to a beach wedding, you will most likely have to do some walking on unsteady terrain. In preparation for this, make sure not to wear a tight or long dress. Slip dresses and midi dresses are great options. Also, a floral print brings in a nice pop that allows you to showcase your style without looking like you are battling for attention with the bride. To make sure you don’t break an ankle, find a block heel or a wedge to complete the look. This will give you more surface area to balance on! 

So the wedding is downtown and they specify the dress code. No worries, let us break it down! Formal or Black Tie is the most dressed up a bride and groom will ask you to get. You are expected to show up in a long gown that does not show your ankles. If the venue and vibe of the wedding appears to be less sophisticated, a dressy cocktail dress may be appropriate. Long shimmery fabric is a great dress material to keep it formal yet cool. Make sure not to wear black or anything too sparkly. Heels are expected to be worn, but try a block heel or a small one-inch heel if you are not comfortable in them. This will still allow you to dress the part but remain confident as you walk around! 

Black Tie optional is just barely a step down from black Tie. Gowns going below the ankle are not a requirement, and cocktail dresses are more acceptable, but do be sure to make sure they are dressy. Jumpsuits and high-low dresses are also great options. If you want to have fun, a wide-leg pantsuit set is a modern take on formal attire! Although more freedom is given to guests on what they can wear as far as fabrics and patterns, this can still be a tricky category to navigate. If you are unsure of what to wear, always dress on the nicer end! Heels are also still requiring and as said previously but they do not have to be tall!

Accessories can be a saver in a Black-Tie optional wedding. It is effortless to wear a neutral dress that could quickly go fancy or casual with earrings! If you are really struggling with how formal you should dress, put a backup pair of earrings in your purse and switch them out if you feel like you should be dressed differently. Cocktail rings and statement necklaces are also great additions to bring elegance to any outfit! Gold drop earrings with a bit of bling are always classic and chic!

A semi-formal wedding is the most straightforward, in my opinion. The length of the dress is not as important as long as the dress is classy. Remember, this is a wedding and not a night on the town. Cocktail dresses or midi dresses paired with a heel or wedge are right on par. Jumpsuits and pantsuits are also fantastic pieces to wear to spice up the attire! Fun jewelry and fun prints are acceptable for a semi-formal wedding. Especially since it is summer, yellow, orange, or pink bring a fun vibe! To complete the outfit, add a hoop earring and a purse! 

Personally, I think that casual can seem intimidating but ultimately is the easiest to wear. As long as you don’t wear any denim or cotton, you are good! I love casual weddings because this is when you get to pull out all of those dresses that you have been saving for brunch with the girls and put them to good use! Floral and flowy are two standards to stick to. Sandals and flats are acceptable, as long as they are not flip-flops, and wedges would be highly encouraged. Looking light and bright is key for a casual wedding!

Here’s to dancing the night away at your next wedding!