Tips to Buying Swimwear you Love

April 5, 2021

Summer is right around the corner, which is why if you’re going to buy a couple new suits , you should start shopping for them now. Shopping for swimwear is a lot like shopping for jeans. It takes a lot of effort to find one that fits great.

When we hurridely buy a couple suits a few days before our vacation we are way more likely to keep something we don’t actually love. We say “it’ll do” and throw it in the suitcase. But then the next time we have a fun poolside day planned , we open the swim drawer and aren’t excited about any of the suits we see. To avoid this I have a couple quick tips.

Shop for suits EARLY. I start shopping for swimwear in Jan and Feb. Which may be a little early for your taste. March and April are great months to start your search while the stores have their biggest inventory of swim. After the end of April, there’s not near as many sizes left.

If you’re shopping for suits online buy at least 5 in hopes to secure 1 that you love. Don’t shop for swim online unless you’re prepared to deal with shipping back a return. Online shopping has a return rate of 50%. So half of all clothing that is purchased online is returned. I predict this number is 4-5x higher for swimwear. So if you’re planning to buy your suit online, buy a lot of different cuts and a lot of different sizes, and hopefully you’ll secure 1 suit that looks and fits great! SEND ALL THE REST BACK!

Here are a few of my favorite places to buy swimwear.


My 1st pick for a conservative, well fitting, affordable suit!


Revel Rey- amazing quality, long lasting, lux suit


Outnet- collection of designer suits at a fraction of the cost


Here’s to hoping you find that perfect suit!

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