What I packed for Costa Rica-4

My Beach Vacation Packing List

January 8, 2022

I want to start off by saying everything in this post , every single thing pictured below is something I OWN. If you click on the link to purchase the item, I will not get a kick back. I’ve done blogging, and linking, and commission from like to know it, and that wasn’t my jam. My jam is helping people put together the perfect outfit. 90% of the time with the things they already own. But I also can’t help myself when I find something that I love, especially if it’s on sale!

When I turned 35 in July I told my husband all I wanted to do was go to Costa Rica with my friends. That trip has been postponed several times now. But this time, a few of us ladies are going come Hell or High Water. So as I was packing and digging out my favorite beach stuff I wondered if any of it was still available. I started pulling my items from the web almost all are. If not there is a newer version that I’ve linked.

Here is what I packed for a long weekend girls' trip to Costa Rica, with links!

As always if you have any questions please reach out! Here’s to many more international’s beach vacations in 2022!