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Find Out What Body Shape You Are

Finding out what body shape you are is a very valuable. This knowledge, will help you get dressed easy, avoid buying things you ultimately don’t like, and will help you always look your best. Often we get the outfit to 70%, these tips and tricks, like adding a belt, or picking a jacket that’s cropped, will insure you hit 100%.

When you’re determining what body shape you are, it’s helpful to take actual measurements and write down these numbers. This objective data will be helpful if you are having trouble deciding between two shapes.

Style is very personal. Here are some tips and tricks we use when styling our clients.

If you are still having trouble please shoot us an email at We would be happy to help!


Fall Transitional Looks

Fall is in the air! The temperature is slowly beginning to drop, and people are breaking out everything pumpkin! Closets are transitioning out of the bright and pastel colors into deeper warm colors with heavy fabrics. With that being said, it can feel awkward putting on a sweater and jeans, especially in Texas when the weather is 90 degrees. So, as you begin to get into the fall spirit, we want to help you avoid confusion when getting dressed! Below are our tips on wearing transition pieces from things you most likely already have in your closet! 

Leather Jacket Look

Leather jackets are one of the most classic pieces to exist. If they are well taken care of, they can last a lifetime! My mom still wears hers from college, and it looks better than anything on the market today. The market is saturated with many different materials, fits, embellishing, and colors of leather jackets. If you are hunting for one, make sure you know the characteristics you want in the jacket before searching. Doing research prior will help you not get overwhelmed and purchase a jacket you genuinely love. 

The beauty of a leather jacket is that it is one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe (arguably more than a jean jacket). To spice up a casual outfit, pair the jacket with a graphic tee and black leggings. Athletic leggings give a more street-style look, and leather leggings from brands such as Spanx offer a chicer look. At night, you can go for the classic yet elegant all-black fit, or dress it down with a pair of blue jeans! To tie everything together, I would recommend matching the metal of your jewelry to your jacket! 

Shacket Look

The shacket trend is still alive and well! If you were previously hesitant to invest, this is your sign to shop for one right now! There are many different materials in shackets, so they are the perfect transitional pieces to offer a warm fall appearance without the warmth. This trait is ideal for when you are picking pumpkins are stuffing a scarecrow. Additionally, they are a secret weapon to make any basic outfit look complete when you are rushing out the door! 

Jean Jacket Look

I am here to announce that your jean jacket is still in style! Similar to other jackets that we will see this fall, jean jackets can be dressed up with another pair of pants or dressed down with leggings. For a transitional piece, jean jackets provide a fall element when put over a dress. They help you squeeze those last few wears into those dresses that you are just not ready to put away yet! My tip for jean jackets is that they can immediately give you a figure when you are wearing a figureless article of clothing. They help break up the outfit and tell the eye where to look! 

Workout Look

Yes, we can wear any outfit and hit the gym, but we all know we work better and harder when we look good! In the fall, it can be so easy to throw on an all-black outfit and call it a day. Granted, they can look very sleek, but not when it becomes your uniform. To start building a workout wardrobe that has novelty, make sure that you first have leggings and tops in black and white. I recommend tops that are in the workout material but are also designed to be worn for leisure. From there, you can begin adding prints in! These prints do not need to be anything crazy like a bold gingham or floral. My favorite pattern is black-on-black camo leggings that most athletic brands offer now. A great tip for when you don’t want to look like you just came from the gym is to add a windbreaker! A windbreaker is less formal than a jean jacket but doesn’t give the casual vibe that a proper athletic jacket gives!

Blazer Look

If you don’t know this already, my absolute favorite style of jacket is the blazer. I wore them throughout the summer, and I am now taking them with me to fall! For a quick review, the style of blazer that I am talking about can be considered “oversized.” However, do not get scared; oversized means longer than the standard work attire blazer. It is still tailored and gives you shape. Blazers are great for transitional pieces because they can be worn with shorts! Yes, I am leaving it just at shorts because they truly can be worn with any style of shorts. For fall, a fun, trendy look to try is a patterned blazer with leather shorts! Just remember to balance your outfit and if your shorts fit loosely, wear a fitted top! 

Leather Pants Look

If you ever need to feel confident, trendy, and like you are about to conquer the world, reach for a pair of leather pants. My reasoning? Have you ever passed someone in leather pants and not thought, “Wow, she looks good.” Last fall and winter, black leather pants were the trend everyone had on. This year, black is still trendy, but it has expanded into brown, tan, and white! For transitioning, the lighter shades will be your go-to! Also, if you don’t like wearing dark colors, it is very stylish to wear a tan or cream pair of leather pants with an equally light blouse. It gives a winter white aesthetic! Additionally, if you want to try out leather pants before investing, all colors and fits are available at every price point! 

Maxi Skirt Look

Maxi skirts are one of the best pieces of clothing to become trendy in recent years, and I do not see them going anywhere! They are versatile and can easily be transitioned from day to night. For the day, dress it with a loose-fitting top, tuck it in, throw a purse on your shoulder and head out the door. At night, simply add a jacket! They are great transitional pieces because they are long and can easily be worn with a pair of booties. Also, if you have one that looks a little too much like summer, put on a knit top and wear warmer materials like suede, and it will instantly become on season!

Happy Fall Yall


The Scoop on Summer Dresses

It’s finally here! The season where we can just throw on a lightweight summer dress with sandals and be on our way. I love buying summer dresses and get them anywhere from Target to Nordstrom. The versatility in these summer dresses and ability to dress them up or down, is so appealing to most people. And over the years of collecting these dresses, I’ve learned a thing or two. So here are a couple tips!

1- Know what you are buying. When you know what you’re buying you will know how it’s going to fit. Bottom line, KNITS CLING

So for example the dress I’m wearing below is a knit dress from Target. The name is Women’s Sleeveless Rib Knit Ballet Dress. If you see something with knit in the description that tells you that the material is probably a bit stretchy and will cling to your body. This is neither good nor bad. But it should signal you to be aware of the fit. I’ve heard a lot of people complain about these dresses either that they hug their tummy too tight or they highlight every little midsection crease. If you’re looking for a garment that is more flowy or glides across your midsection, a KNIT dress is not it! Here is a picture of me in a knit dress from Target. This isn’t as clingy as some because it has that fit and flare cut. But I still didn’t like the way it sat on my tummy so I ultimately returned it.

Here is another knit dress from Target. I really like the fit of this one so I kept it and have already worn it multiple times. Another thing a lot of women to help with the cling of these dresses is to size up. That can help with the midsection cling.

2- The other main type of summer dresses is a “woven”. All the rest of the dresses below are all examples of a “woven dress” or a summer dress that is not knit. These dresses are usually more flowly and have more ability to glide across the body.

3- Accessorize. Adding a belt, scarf, statement earrings or necklace can all really elevate the look of a sundress. After getting a sundress, I like to level them up by adding a belt. Look at the difference adding a belt made to the green dress below. And bonus, the belt is also from Target.

Hope this helps to broaden your knowledge on the beloved sundress!

Happy shopping!

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Are skinny jeans still in?

Are skinny jeans still in ?

I have gotten this question several times in the past couple of weeks, so I thought I would talk a little bit about it here. The answer is yes, well …kinda. Skinny jeans aren’t really in or out, they are just kinda there. No-one will look at you in your skinny jeans and say wow she looks so out of date. But they aren’t the most current cut of denim either.

Currently skinny jeans look best styled with heels, especially in white or black denim. Black and white denim with heels is still very much in so don’t worry! But as far as every day blue wash denim, the cut is trending towards a more relaxed fit. This can be a girlfriend or boyfriend cut. Which is super relaxed, a little baggy and usually distressed. Or the straight leg, which is my favorite. It is similar to the skinny but the hem comes straight off of the leg instead of hugging to the leg and wrapping around the ankle.

Here are some of the more current cuts (with links!) to give you a better idea of what’s “in” for denim jeans in 2021!

I hope you find the pictures and links helpful!

Chat soon!

It’s time to put pants on

It’s been a year. One whole year. A year of dry shampoo, yoga pants and slippers. A year of nowhere to go and nothing to dress for. The nowhere to go or nothing to dress for really started to mess with my mind a couple months ago. I had little motivation or energy to get things done. I started taking walks and doing meditations to get my mind right. Then one day the lightbulb went off and I thought- what if I just started getting dressed?

It seems like the simplest of tasks, but I promise you it has a major impact. I started 2021 with a resolution to force myself to change out of my yoga pants and actually put an outfit on. Some days I didn’t lose the loungewear until after lunch but at some point in the day I still made myself take them off. So I started by putting on jeans. The first few days were very scary, will they even fit? But once I got past the initial dread I really enjoyed putting outfits together again. It doesn’t have to be anything major, I mean we’re still not really going anywhere so you don’t need to go crazy!!

And I wish I had more stats for you, but alls I can say is that when we feel good we are much happier and more productive. I’ve always believed “when we look good, we feel good, and then we go out and do good”. We also get way more done. The days I felt more put together I was more inclined to swing by the bank or run that extra errand. If I liked the way I looked that morning I found myself calling friends to meet for lunch. I checked WAY more off the do to list and felt way better about myself at the end of the day.

The bonus step? I started taking selfies of myself the days that I had real clothes on. I tried to do this 6 days a week. (I mean who’s perfect?!) Knowing that I had to take a pic gave me extra motivation and held me accountable. Then I took these photos and put them in an album on my phone labeled “everyday outfits”. Now the next time I’m in a rut or rush, I’ll just pull up the photos and select one of those outfits to wear.

I threw in some of these very basic everyday outfit selfies for inspiration. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, and as you can see I still have wet hair in most of them, but it’s truly amazing what a zipper and some structure can do for the soul.

Put Pants on & Chat Soon!