Find Out What Body Shape You Are

Finding out what body shape you are is a very valuable. This knowledge, will help you get dressed easy, avoid buying things you ultimately don’t like, and will help you always look your best. Often we get the outfit to 70%, these tips and tricks, like adding a belt, or picking a jacket that’s cropped, will insure you hit 100%.

When you’re determining what body shape you are, it’s helpful to take actual measurements and write down these numbers. This objective data will be helpful if you are having trouble deciding between two shapes.

Style is very personal. Here are some tips and tricks we use when styling our clients.

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Tips for Finding Your Best Neckline

Once you find the neckline that works best for you, you will save yourself so much time. The countless tables of t-shirts at Target will no longer suck you in. You’ll be able to walk by, grab the shirt in the neckline that’s best, and move a long. Here are some things to consider when deciding what neckline is best for you.

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Are skinny jeans still in?

Are skinny jeans still in ?

I have gotten this question several times in the past couple of weeks, so I thought I would talk a little bit about it here. The answer is yes, well …kinda. Skinny jeans aren’t really in or out, they are just kinda there. No-one will look at you in your skinny jeans and say wow she looks so out of date. But they aren’t the most current cut of denim either.

Currently skinny jeans look best styled with heels, especially in white or black denim. Black and white denim with heels is still very much in so don’t worry! But as far as every day blue wash denim, the cut is trending towards a more relaxed fit. This can be a girlfriend or boyfriend cut. Which is super relaxed, a little baggy and usually distressed. Or the straight leg, which is my favorite. It is similar to the skinny but the hem comes straight off of the leg instead of hugging to the leg and wrapping around the ankle.

Here are some of the more current cuts (with links!) to give you a better idea of what’s “in” for denim jeans in 2021!

I hope you find the pictures and links helpful!

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Hi there!

I just wanted to take a minute and say thank you so much for visiting my page. This app has been a labor of LOVE y’all and a true test at seeing things through. I (like the rest of the world) had no idea that when the app developers and I started working on the Selfie Stylist in February that a few weeks later, all trips, weddings, and fun would be canceled and no one would be leaving their house, let alone getting dressed in real clothes. 

But here we are.. almost to the other side. It feels like the world is starting to wake back up and I , (and hopefully you too), are starting to put pants on again.

Since starting this back in Feb 2020, It has taken so many people to get the Selfie Stylist from a 2 year old idea in my head, to an actual functioning app in the app store. We are in the freaking APP store!!! If you know me personally than you know my background is in nursing and styling and in no way “techy” stuff. But luckily for me there are a ton of techy people in this world who wanted to help me out. They, paired with a supportive husband, great family, and way too many amazing friends, are the reason the Selfie Stylist is now my reality. You have no idea what this app means to me and my family. We love sharing our app with the world and have enjoyed all the people that we’ve met through this process. We do a little happy dance in the kitchen each time someone new discovers the Selfie Stylist. Thank you for cheering us on, we love you!


Lana Rowder and family