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The Scoop on Summer Dresses

It’s finally here! The season where we can just throw on a lightweight summer dress with sandals and be on our way. I love buying summer dresses and get them anywhere from Target to Nordstrom. The versatility in these summer dresses and ability to dress them up or down, is so appealing to most people. And over the years of collecting these dresses, I’ve learned a thing or two. So here are a couple tips!

1- Know what you are buying. When you know what you’re buying you will know how it’s going to fit. Bottom line, KNITS CLING

So for example the dress I’m wearing below is a knit dress from Target. The name is Women’s Sleeveless Rib Knit Ballet Dress. If you see something with knit in the description that tells you that the material is probably a bit stretchy and will cling to your body. This is neither good nor bad. But it should signal you to be aware of the fit. I’ve heard a lot of people complain about these dresses either that they hug their tummy too tight or they highlight every little midsection crease. If you’re looking for a garment that is more flowy or glides across your midsection, a KNIT dress is not it! Here is a picture of me in a knit dress from Target. This isn’t as clingy as some because it has that fit and flare cut. But I still didn’t like the way it sat on my tummy so I ultimately returned it.

Here is another knit dress from Target. I really like the fit of this one so I kept it and have already worn it multiple times. Another thing a lot of women to help with the cling of these dresses is to size up. That can help with the midsection cling.

2- The other main type of summer dresses is a “woven”. All the rest of the dresses below are all examples of a “woven dress” or a summer dress that is not knit. These dresses are usually more flowly and have more ability to glide across the body.

3- Accessorize. Adding a belt, scarf, statement earrings or necklace can all really elevate the look of a sundress. After getting a sundress, I like to level them up by adding a belt. Look at the difference adding a belt made to the green dress below. And bonus, the belt is also from Target.

Hope this helps to broaden your knowledge on the beloved sundress!

Happy shopping!

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Are skinny jeans still in?

Are skinny jeans still in ?

I have gotten this question several times in the past couple of weeks, so I thought I would talk a little bit about it here. The answer is yes, well …kinda. Skinny jeans aren’t really in or out, they are just kinda there. No-one will look at you in your skinny jeans and say wow she looks so out of date. But they aren’t the most current cut of denim either.

Currently skinny jeans look best styled with heels, especially in white or black denim. Black and white denim with heels is still very much in so don’t worry! But as far as every day blue wash denim, the cut is trending towards a more relaxed fit. This can be a girlfriend or boyfriend cut. Which is super relaxed, a little baggy and usually distressed. Or the straight leg, which is my favorite. It is similar to the skinny but the hem comes straight off of the leg instead of hugging to the leg and wrapping around the ankle.

Here are some of the more current cuts (with links!) to give you a better idea of what’s “in” for denim jeans in 2021!

I hope you find the pictures and links helpful!

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